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“Traces” is an female acapella group located in the city of Newark, New Jersey. Site n Soundz Media had the honor of producing their latest video ( Nobody to Love) by Tori Kelly in 2015. The video was shot  within a day at various locations in Jersey City, N.J.

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Robert Gosier is a noted song writer in the city of Newark, New Jersey. Gosier makes his debut with a new single “Key To My Heart” in this music video. The video was shot in 2015 in various locations in Newark, New Jersey.


Ronice Bruce is a former host of a talk show in Newark, New Jersey. Bruce spreading her wings started a talk show called the Ronice MB Show in 2015. The show addresses daily issues in urban communities.

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“Neva How U Want It” is a movie written and produced by Ken Andrews. The movie includes many up and coming actors from the city of Newark. The short addresses many vices that influence the thoughts of youth within African American communities (Newark). Site n Soundz aided in the post production of the movie in 2015.


Angela Daniels is a local reporter in the city of Newark. Daniels in 2014 covered New York Fashion Week. In the video, Daniels shares how Mark Jacob line ripped the runaway with his consistent trends.

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Shavar Jeffries is an civil rights attorney and professor at Seton Hall Law School in Newark New Jersey. Jeffries founder of iReform shares his agenda while running for mayor of the city of Newark, New Jersey in 2014.

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Site n Soundz believes, ” You always have to travel to aid in facilitating the vision of customers.” This is imperative in constructing and implementing their vision.


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Darrin Walker has an extensive background in Media. Walker besides shooting music videos, shorts, commercials, and covering political elections has an Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree that is concentrated specifically within Media attending N.J.C.U and Full Sail University.


Darrin McFadden has been producing for many years for some of the top Hip Hop artists in the Industry. Mcfadden believes, “Sound is one of the most important elements.”


Nnamdi Nwigwe is noted for producing and writing Indie shorts. Nwigwe is known for his Speilberg approach while producing attended New Jersey City University majoring in Media.

Site n Soundz Media believes to create a compelling video you need a great writer, sound engineer and director of photography which will assist in creating a great story.


Site n Soundz believe you always have to continue to travel to aid in facilitating the vision of our customers. This is imperative in constructing and implementing their vision.

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