CEO - Darrin Walker

Darrin Walker is a freelancing cinematographer (M.A.) for feature film, documentaries, commercials and music videos. He is specialized in extreme settings because of his skills and knowledge in extreme environments.

SINCE 2008-2014

Freelance videographer and editor for Newark Public Library while attending Essex County College and New Jersey City University obtaining a Bachelor of Arts  Degree in Media.


Media consultant for Mayoral Election in city of Newark for Shavar Jeffries while attending Full Sail University obtaining Master of Arts in New Media Journalism


After graduating from Full Sail and taking and entrepreneur course    disturb the way the media portrayed the city of Newark Walker created the blog Darrin Talks which soon was evolved by the founding of Site n Soundz Media.


Walker after relocating to Georgia is currently a part of the Media Team at Word of Faith under the leadership of Bishop  Dale C. Bronner. He still currently shoot short films, interviews, music videos and commercials while pursuing an indepth study of business at the Bronner Brother Institute.

Circle is an award winning creative production company working for various clients and agencies in both New York & LA
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Bryan Freeman
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