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Film Story

WHITE GIRL​ is the story of a young aspiring basketball player with dreams of a life in the NBA.

The year is 1984 on the southside of Chicago.

The story centers around the main character Jamil, who believes his dreams of a better life, rely

upon acquiring an NBA contract and a caucasian trophy wife.

Jamil and best friend Kirk await the “ NBA call” any moment life would never be the same.

Jamil is a daydreamer, his mind drifts in and out of reality. His flashbacks and visions allow the

audience to view his true feelings. He dreams of a life free of one parent homes, living paycheck

to paycheck, urban neighborhoods, limping cousin Benny’s and the smell of collard greens

cooking. While his ambition is admirable, he suffers from delusions of grandeur.

He is blinded by his own stereotypical perceptions. He is easily embarrassed by his African

American sister JJ and mother Shirley (Christians who attend church weekdays in addition to

Sunday services) labeling them as churchy, preachy and bitter. They represent everything he

dreams of escaping. Jamil believes the grass is greener on the other side.

Jamil is a shallow Hal type, incapable of recognizing love. Enter​ Cindy the girl of his dreams,

who after a night of clubbing is burnt beyond recognition. Jamil’s love is tested. Eventually he

comes to understand that love and family are not only valuable, but priceless and love unlike the

grass on the other side burns brightly where you stand.

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